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Havre Chamber Ice Fishing Derby

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January 26-27, 2019



  1. Eligibility: Any applicant under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Tournament directors and committee reserve the right to refuse entry to any individual before, during  and after the tournament. We encourage applicants to be members of Walleyes Unlimited of MT.
  2. Rules Meeting: Contestants must attend a mandatory rules meeting at 0730 prior to each tournament day to review rules and receive a score card.  Meeting to be held at main ramp on 1st Lake (main ramp at Fresno if ice conditions dictate). Pre-fishing is not permitted after 1600 on Friday Jan. 25 through the end of the tournament. Fishing for contestants is permitted only during tournament hours.  No pre-marked fishing spots.  Rods and tip ups must be removed by the pre-fishing deadline and at the end of Day 1.
  3. Regulations/Insurance: Each contestant must abide by all local, state and federal laws.  A minimum of $100,000 liability insurance is recommended of all contestants.
  4. Contestants: Contestants will enter as individuals – no team fishing.  If contestants are fishing from an ice house, all individuals in the ice house must be entered in the tournament.
  5. Tournament Headquarters: Tournament headquarters will be located at the main ramp on 1st Lake (main ramp at Fresno if ice conditions dictate).
  6. Fishing area: Fishing will be allowed on entire 1st Lake (if Fresno used:  from the dam to the 1st point north of the last cabin west across to point just north of Kremlin Bay – that line will be visibly marked and patrolled)  Fishing within 60 feet of another contestant is prohibited unless mutually agreed upon.
  7. Tournament Hours: Tournament hours are from 0800 to 1500 on Saturday and 0800 to 1400 on Sunday.
  8. Inspection: Contestants will receive a score card prior to each days fishing contest. All contestants must display the identifying marking provided by tournament officials. All contestants may be subject to an inspection by tournament officials or MT FWP. No contestant may have live gamefish in possession or elsewhere prior to the tournament.
  9. Tackle and Bait: Each contestant may fish with up to two lines at a time but no further than 10 feet apart.  Spare rods and equipment may be carried.  You must be able to identify what rods/tip ups you are fishing.  All other tackle and bait restrictions are applicable per MT FWP regulations.  Please check bait regulations per the body of water the tournament is held at.    
  10. Fishing: The tournament will be operated as a live fish format. Fish must be kept alive until measured by tournament officials.  Fish can be measured at tournament headquarters or by roving officials.  Fish can be live released.  If kept, fish will be tagged and marked. Contestants will be allowed legal limits only. No sauger or saugeye are allowed – per state law.  No spear fishing allowed.
  11. Scoring: Fish will be measured to the nearest 1/4 inch. Longest fish will be considered the largest regardless of actual weight. Contestants may measure as many fish as legal limit allows, but only their largest of each species will be counted.  All daily bag limits are in effect per MT FWP regulations. Any one contestant is eligible to win 1st 2nd and 3rd place for each species.
  12. Checking In/Late Penalty: All contestants must be checked in by 1500 on Saturday and by 1400 on Sunday. No exceptions. Late check-ins will be eliminated from any tournament winnings.
  13. Score cards: Score cards must be in the hands of tournament officials at headquarters by designated time. If contestant chooses to quit early, they must turn their score cards to tournament officials at headquarters to be eligible for tournament winnings.
  14. Spirit of the Rule: It is the intention of this tournament to promote good sportsmanship and fair play. Interpretation of the rules shall be left exclusively to the tournament officials.   ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL!
  15. Sportsmanship and Conduct: All contestants are required to follow a high standard of safety, sportsmanship, courtesy and conservation. Any infraction of these principles may be deemed for disqualification. Any act of a competitor which reflects unfavorably upon the Arctic Games effort to promote fisheries conservation, clean waters, and courtesy will be reason for disqualification. Examples of non-compliant standards include: a) Consumption and/or possession of illegal substance during tournament hours extending through awards segment. b) Any previous conviction, charge, arrest, or investigation for a felony, a crime involving moral wickedness, or a crime related to any fishing tournament will not be accepted. c) Words or actions which reflect unfavorably upon the efforts to promote the safety, sportsmanship, and fair competition of our tournament. d) Disqualifications from other fishing organizations and tournaments that resulted from rules violations will not be accepted. The Arctic Games tournament officials and committee reserves the right to place an official observer near a contestant at any time during tournament hours.
  16. Protest Policy: Only contestants and tournament officials have the right to protest the actions of another contestant. Protests by contestants must be made in writing to tournament officials. The tournament committee will convene to investigate and make a decision regarding the protest. Protests must be made to tournament officials before results are announced. A $25 protest fee must accompany any protest offered by a contestant. The protest fee will not be refunded if the protest is found to be invalid. Any person found violating the rules may be immediately disqualified and the reasons for said disqualification announced at the Tournament Headquarters area.
  17. Withdrawal Policy: No refund on entry fees.
  18. Weather: If the tournament is cancelled due to adverse weather, refunds will be awarded upon request. Otherwise it will be up to contestants personal decision to attend or not, with no refund.
  19. Entry Fee: Must be paid in full in advance of fishing, $25 per day.
  20. No Littering.  Please clean up your area at the end of the day!

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