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Christmas Cash

Keeping business local during the holidays

Programs sponsored by the Chamber, like Christmas Cash are made available to Chamber members only.

Christmas Cash has a significant impact on our local economy.  Over $7 million has stayed in Havre since the Christmas Cash program started over 28 years ago. It is money spent with local businesses that support our community each and every day. The Christmas Cash program brings together the Havre Business Community in a common goal. 

Havre and Hi-Line residents who bank with participating institutions (Bear Paw Credit, Independence Bank and Stockman Bank) are eligible for loans up to $1,500 interest free, upon approved credit.

The goal of the program, when started in 1990, was to stimulate local holiday shopping and support the local businesses that support our community all year long through donations and sponsorships. That goal remains the same.

“There will be many opportunities to shop globally over the next several weeks but hopefully as holiday shoppers work through their holiday shopping lists, they will give area businesses a first chance,” noted Shawn Holden, Chamber Board President.   “Let’s keep the money here at local businesses that support local causes all year long through the giving of volunteer and financial resources.  One great ways to do this is to utilize The Chamber’s Christmas Cash Program.”

Contact the Chamber for more information at 265-4383.

Please Support these Christmas Cash Businesses this Holiday.

Christmas Cash list


The cost to participate in the Chamber’s Christmas Cash Program is $50.00 if paid by a predetermined date. After that date, the cost to participate is $65.00, and payment must be made by that determined date in order to be on all planned advertising.

1. Only merchants who are FULLY paid Havre Chamber Members will be eligible to participate in the “CHRISTMAS CASH PROGRAM.”

2. Merchants will be reimbursed at 96% for total “CHRISTMAS CASH” deposits. Must be endorsed by the customer in Blue ink on the signature line on the front of money.

3. Merchant agrees to pay $50.00 by determined date to participate in the Christmas Cash Promotion OR ... Pay $65.00 after determined date to help cover the cost of printing, advertising and promotion. Overall DEADLINE for being a participant is a predetermined date– NO EXCEPTIONS.

4. Borrowers must have established credit in order to secure a “CHRISTMAS CASH” loan valued up to $1,500.00 with approved credit. (Ask lenders for details)

5. A Non-Refundable loan application fee will be paid by the borrower to the lender. (Loan fees may vary at participating financial institutions).

6. “CHRISTMAS CASH” loans will be made available between predetermined dates by participating financial institutions. Christmas Cash will be printed in $5.00 and $20.00 denominations. Christmas Cash Certificates will be issued for larger, single amounts for designated purchases. Both will have a determined expiration date.

7. “CHRISTMAS CASH” must have a stamp from the participating financial institution on the reverse side in order to be valid. (If no validation stamp is used, the cash will be considered counterfeit and no reimbursement will be given). Must be signed by customer on back below bank stamp at point of sale.

8. Merchants must make “CHRISTMAS CASH” deposits to their financial institution with “CHRISTMAS CASH” separated from regular currency and checks.

9. “CHRISTMAS CASH” certificates must be endorsed or stamped by the merchant before deposited.

Christmas Cash spent in any participating store must be accepted in any amount rendered by the consumer, and not be discriminated as discount money by the merchants. It shall be considered at face value. (Example: Consumer cannot be pre-qualified for method of payment, i.e. Christmas Cash an additional 4% added to the ticket price)

10. Merchants must deposit all “CHRISTMAS CASH” by a determined date.

NO EXCEPTIONS!! to allow the financial institutions to clear their books for the current year.