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Fort Assinniboine

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Montana's grandest military post. The fort was the pioneer outpost of north central Montana, the frontier home of regiments of American infantry and cavalry, and the site of 1st Lt. John J. Pershing's (later General) early field assignment. Its surviving buildings stand today as a monument to our state's exciting past -- to the opening of the frontier.

The fort was designed to house ten companies of infantry and cavalry. The troops were charged with monitoring the activities of the region's many Indian groups, patrolling Montana's border with Canada, stopping bootleggers and gunrunners and protecting the state's settlers. In its heyday, nearly 750 officers, enlisted men, and civilians called Assinniboine home.

Daily Tours
June 1st to Labor Day
9 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.
Noon and 5:00 p.m. Saturday -Sunday

Special Tours available upon request For more information call (406) 265-4000

Admission:  Adults $7.00, Seniors $6.00, Students $5.00, under 6 free.
Group rates of 10 or more.

Location: Six miles southwest of Havre on Hwy 87.

The military fort was one of the largest built in the US with over 100 buildings. Formally established in May 1879, it housed over 500 men at any given time. Many of the officers were accompanied by their wives and children. Fort Assinniboine was a center for such cultural events as theatricals and dances, in addition to daily military duties. 

The official state historic trail commemorates the main transportation and supply route that existed in the 1870’s - 1890’s. It begins at the OLD FORT PARK in Fort Benton, to Fort Assinniboine near Havre, into Saskatchewan, Canada to Fort Walsh in the Cypress Hills and Fort Battleford in Northern Saskatchewan.

Pamphlets and information available at the Havre Area Chamber of Commerce, (406) 265-4383, or the Fort Benton Chamber of Commerce (406) 622-5523.

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